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Odum Garden Club

The Odum Garden Club is determined to make the Odum community a beautiful and better place to live. They have been faithful and have given much support to the community for many years. The club's motto is "Through our work to give more beauty to the world in which we live." Their purpose is to plant, grow, conserve, and beautify surroundings. The club's official tree is the redbud, and the official colors are pink and green.

The club was first organized in July 1948. Among their projects in the early years were the yearly yard contests, flower shows, cemetery improvement, and town beautification. The club also erected a Christmas tree in downtown Odum. In November, the club had a supper, and the husbands were invited to attend.

Among other projects through the years:

  • 1948  -  Plans for the erection of a town Christmas tree were made.

  • 1949  -  Plans were formulated for a clean-up week for the town, and also to launch an Azalea Drive. In December, 233 Crepe Myrtle trees were planted on Highway 341.

  • 1951  -  A Junior Garden Club was formed. Wiring was installed for the Christmas tree.

  • 1953  -  A tree drive began; 1,632 Redbud and Dogwood trees were bought. Twenty-five trees were planted on the street to the cemetery. The Odum Boy Scouts helped with the planting.

  • 1956  -  The burial grounds in the Odum Cemetery were cleaned.

  • 1960  -  The Garden Club entered the State-Wide Georgia Civic Improvement Contest. They won fourth place ($65 cash).

  • 1965  -  Shrubbery was put out around the recreation center.

  • 1966  -  "Make Georgia Beautiful" month was observed. Dogwood trees were planted at the recreation center with the help of 4-Hers.

  • 1968  -  Provided flower arrangements throughout Garden Tour homes.

  • 1973  -  Celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a Tea Reception. The club also won the Nan Bland District Attendance Trophy, and undertook a project to try and entice back the almost extinct blue birds by providing bird houses.

  • 1975  -  Contributed money made at yard sales to the town officials to purchase Christmas street lights for the city.

  • 1978  -  Flower beds were planted on the streets.

  • 1979  -  Floral arrangements for an ITT Rayonier banquet were prepared.

  • 1983  -  Arbor Day activities centered around planting trees at the Elementary School.

  • 1984  -  Eight Red Maple trees were planted at the recreation center to observe Arbor Day. A float was entered into the Odum Day Homecoming parade; this has continued for many years, winning cash prizes and trophies.
  • 1987  -  Helped decorate Wayne Memorial Hospital for Christmas. This project continued.

  • 1988  -  The club won a 40 Year History Award of Achievement.

  • 1990  -  Celebrated its 40th birthday with a Tea Reception.

  • 1992  -  $500.00 was presented to the Volunteer Fire Department in appreciation for their contributions to the safety of the community.

  • 1993  -  Helped remodel, put up curtains, and paid for paint and having painting done at the Little Town House on the Town Square. The club also planted flowers at the entrance steps. (They decorated the stage for the annual beauty pageant for many years - also, the outdoor stage for the annual Odum Homecoming, plus the stage for Sunday morning community services.) They also sponsored Junior Garden Club in the Odum School; the club was named "Buds and Blossoms." 250 Crepe Myrtle trees were planted down Tillman Street. An outdoor classroom was also sponsored at the school campus.

  • 1995  -  The pink Crepe Myrtle and yellow Day Lily were adopted to plant along the new Golden isles Parkway. The Mayor and Town Council endorsed the project.

  • 1996  -  The club received 18 trees for the school campus, 150 for the recreation center and streets through the Jesup-Wayne County Beautification Program.

  • 1997  -  The City of Odum was designated as a Tree City, U.S.A. The Odum Garden Club promoted this project.

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