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An Act to Incorporate the Town of Odum
Approved August 22, 1907

An Act to incorporate the town of Odum, in Wayne County, Georgia; to define its corporate limits; declare its powers, and for other purposes.

Section 1:   Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, and it is hereby enacted by authority of the same, That the town of Odum, in the county of Wayne, is hereby incorporated as a town under the name and style of the town of Odum.

Section 2:   Be it further enacted. That the corporate limits of said town shall extend three-fourths of a mile in every direction, except as herein otherwise specified, from a point on the line of the Southern Railway in said county, where the Waresboro and Beard's Bluff public wagon road intersect; exception being made that the swamps of Satilla creek be made the boundary on the south, southwest and west in part; a more definite and complete description of the proposed boundaries being as follows: Commencing at said center point where the Waresboro and Beard's Bluff public wagon road intersects the Southern Railway, and extending eastwardly, parallel to said Southern Railway, for a distance of three-fourths of a mile; thence at right angles with said Southern Railway three- fourths mile; thence very nearly west parallel with said Southern Railway to the edge of Satilla creek swamp; thence along the wanderings of said swamp to a point where said creek passes under the Southern Railway, thence at right angles with said Southern Railway for a distance of three-fourths of a mile: thence parallel with said Southern Railway to a point opposite the terminus of the first described line; thence in a southerly direction for three-fourths miles to said Southern Railway at the point of commencement, power being hereby given the corporate authorities of said town to modify, alter, change and rectify said corporate limits.

Section 3:   Be it further enacted, That the municipal government of said town shall consist of a mayor and five aldermen, who are hereby constituted a body corporate under said name and style of the town of Odum; and by that name shall be capable of suing and being sued in any court of law or equity; make contracts, purchase, hold and dispose of real estate and personalty; and sell, lease and exchange the same, and generally do all things pertinent to a corporation of such character, whether now allowed by law or which may hereafter be conferred upon the same.

Section 4:   Be it further enacted, That Dr. J. T. Colvin be, and he is, hereby appointed mayor, and F. B. Gurr, J. B. Clary, D. L. Carter, J. M. Bloodworth and J. A. Odum be, and the same are, hereby appointed aldermen for said town of Odum, to hold office until the next first annual election as hereinafter provided.

Section 5:   Be it further enacted, That on the third Wednesday in January, 1908, and each year thereafter on said day, an election shall be held in the council chamber of said town for a mayor and five aldermen thereof, who shall hold their offices for one year from said day, and until their successors are elected and qualified; all persons eligible to hold said offices being those who are qualified at the time to vote for the members of the General Assembly of this State, and have resided in said town for three months immediately preceding said election. Such election shall be held and conducted as those for county officers, and a certificate of the managers shall authorize the person declared elected to enter upon the discharge of the duties of said offices, the returns of said election being made to the mayor and aldermen of said town. In the event a vacancy for any cause occur in any of said offices the same shall be filled, as to the mayor, by the board of aldermen selecting one of their number to fill the unexpired term, and as to an aldermen, by the selecting of some fit and proper person by the mayor and remaining aldermen.

Section 6   Be it further enacted, That before entering upon the discharge of their duties, the said mayor and aldermen shall take an oath to faithfully discharge the duties devovling upon them respectively to the best of their ability and understanding.

Section 7   Be it further enacted, That the said mayor and aldermen shall have power and authority to elect such marshals, clerks, treasurer and other officers as they may deem necessary to properly carry on the affairs of the said town; prescribe the duties and fix the compensation of such officials and require bonds therefrom; make and pass all ordinances, by-law, rules and regulations which they may deem necessary for the good order, peace, health and government of said town, and for the enforcement of the powers herein granted; have exclusive jurisdiction over the streets, alleys, sidewalks, drives, parks, and other public property of said town, keeping the same in good order, removing all obstructions of the same at the expense of the person obstructing; conduct and maintain at such time as they may determine, waterworks, drainage and sewerage systems, lighting systems, and other modern improvements, issuing bonds, when necessary to pay for the same; establish and regulate police, fire and sanitary protection for said town when in their judgment necessary; grant municipal franchises; raise revenue by taxation and grant licenses to defray the expense of government: regulate the sale and barter of merchandise within the limits of said town, and the exhibition of shows and to impose on the same all proper taxation and license, and generally do all things whatsoever, not repugnant to the laws of Georgia, which may be incident to municipal corporations.

Section 8:   Be it further enacted, That the mayor and aldermen of said town shall have the power to enforce its said ordinances, rules and regulations by fines not exceeding fifty ($50.00) dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding thirty days.

Section 9:   Be it further enacted, That the mayor and aldermen of said town shall have authority to elect from their number a mayor pro tempore, who shall discharge the duties of mayor during his absence or inability from sickness or other cause to perform said duties; and the said mayor and mayor pro tempore shall be, by virtue of their said office, justice of the peace as to criminal matters, with power to issue warrants and commit for trial, to compel the attendance of witnesses, hold examinations, and to admit to bail or commit to jail in default thereof.

Section 10:   Be it further enacted, That the mayor of said town shall be chief executive officer thereof, shall see that its ordinances, rules and regulations are enforced, appointing special policemen as emergency may arise, and generally shall do all things essential for the proper discharge of his duties as such chief executive.

Section 11:   Be it further enacted, That the said mayor and aldermen shall have authority to levy a special tax for educational purposes.

Section 12:   Be it further enacted, That all laws and parts of laws in conflict with this Act be, and the same are, hereby repealed.

Approved August 22, 1907.

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