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Odum, Georgia City Council Wrap-Up (Posted 7/13/2018)

The Odum City Council met and discussed or voted on the following items on Tuesday, July 3.

(Source: The Press-Sentinel - Wednesday - July 11, 2018)


The motion to approve the 2018-2019 general budget and water and sewer budget carried. The total amount of the general budget is $240,400, and the amount of the water and sewer budget is $112,200.


Councilman Dave Titus discussed several cars that are parked on a certain part of property. The landowner has been informed through letters by the city and residents to clean up the cars. Titus reported five cars on the property, stating that originally there were nine and that four have been removed by the owner. He also stated that without individually inspecting each car, he did not know whether the cars can be repaired. In his opinion, most of the cars could be sold for salvage.


Councilman Willie McLaughlin reported that the Georgia Department of Transportation completed work on 341 about a quarter mile from Collins Loop. McLaughlin also asked his fellow Council members whether they objected to his cleaning up around the building beside the Odum City Gym. Councilman Jim Westberry told McLaughlin that he will find someone who owns a trailer to dispose of the garbage. McLaughlin was given permission to start the clean up. He was asked to get with the clerk and create a proposal plan for the building's use.


Councilman Jim Westberry reported that inmates had helped clean several ditches around town, as well as moving and trimming weeds at the sewer pond. He reportd that the inmates should be able to return in a couple of weeks. He also reported that he met with county road engineer Elton Aspinwall about repairing a couple of roadways and rights-of-way. Aspinwall said that the solution is to buy rocks and mix it with the sand clay in one location and removing dirt from another.


Mayor Brian Nipper told the council that the pipe had been replaced as voted on from last month's meeting. The repair is on the 6-inch pipe that carries the water from the pumps to the water tower.


Nipper informed the council of the meter at the sewer pond that measures the flow of water coming from the pond and being sprayed onto the fields. It is very old and can no longer be calibrated. Nipper stated that Tindall Enterprises can replace the meter and have a Dynasonic Digital meter for $3,400. McLaughlin moved to have the new meter, and the motion carried. The money for the meter will be taken from the water and sewer funds.


Mayor Brian Nipper asked the council to review the Manufactured Home Regulations ordinance. He asked them to look at amending the ordinance to give a clearer language on campers, utility buildings and tiny houses. There are requestes for the city to provide water and sewer services so that they can be used as permanent residences. This item will be discussed further at the next meeting.

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